Good News: World Religions

Good News: World Religions

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - An area school is learning about world religions right here in their own backyard.

Savannah Country Day students got the opportunity to get out of the classroom and into the seats of four different religious buildings. Tommy Crenshaw took his World Religions class to the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Wesley Monumental United Methodist Church, St. Paul's Greek Orthodox Church, and Mickve Israel.

The learning opportunity also opened their eyes to the different religions in Savannah.

"Conscious of so many other faiths in the world, and then each faith can be so diverse," said Anna Stone, 12th Grader at Savannah Country Day. "So, I think it's really awesome to have this experience and to say, 'wow, so many people in my city can practice so many different faiths."

"Taking this field trip allows us to see these very different styles. Those differences are really visible when you come into the different sanctuaries," history teacher, Tommy Crenshaw, said.

Crenshaw hopes to bring a deeper understanding about religious differences and find ways to unite the students with the community rather than divide.

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