Debris cleared from site of WC-130 crash in Port Wentworth

Debris cleared from site WC-130 crash in Port Wenworth

PORT WENTWORTH, GA (WTOC) - Military investigators are moving closer to finishing at least the site investigation of the WC-130 crash on Highway 21 in Port Wentworth.

Over the weekend, the wreckage and debris from the plane was mostly removed from sight. At this point, we don't know where it was taken.

From the start of this investigation, we were told three steps needed to be completed before the highway can reopen: The debris field needs to be cleared, hazardous material needs to be removed, and GDOT needs to come in and assess and repair damage to the roadway.

As far as we can see, only a large blue tarp sits where the plane parts once were, indicating most, if not all of the debris has been cleared. What that means for the road repair effort and reopening of Highway 21, we don't know. WTOC reached out to military contacts for that information.

Still without water and power, the team at Crossgate Motors knew from the start this would be a long process, and for good reason.

"I came outside and all I saw was black smoke in the air and people running everywhere. I knew it had to be some sort of an aircraft. We know this is a very sensitive matter, so we're quite patient at this time, said Larry Duncan with Crossgate Motors. He continued, "But hopefully by the end of this week, Georgia Power will be given the green light to come out and restore power to our building."

We still don't know where the debris was moved to, and what will happen to it. That's another question we're asking military reps. The Georgia Department of Transportation is deferring to the Air Force to share when road repairs will be allowed to begin.

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