Protestors surround Michael Williams bus in downtown Savannah

Protestors surround Michael Williams bus in downtown Savannah

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Protestors in downtown Savannah surrounded Georgia State Senator Michael Williams' deportation bus and prevented the bus from moving on Sunday evening.

Less than 100 protesters gathered at Forsyth Park, but their voices were loud enough to send a message to gubernatorial candidate Michael Williams.

"There seems to be this political game being played with the lives of these people to create political conflict," said Vicki Weeks, who does not support the idea of the bus.

Rudd Long agreed, saying "I don't see how hate is helpful to anyone.

Williams name is on the ballot for Tuesday's primary race in the governor's category. Although the deportation bus is controversial, some wanted to hear what he had to say.

However, protesters crowded the bus before it parked, forcing it to stop on Drayton street. They say that the deportation bus causes further division among people, which doesn't solve anything.

"What can be done?" said Eli Wilkerson. "To actually work on our immigration laws and not just say, 'if you're here we don't like you, we're going to put you on a bus and take you back south."

Through the screaming voices, a simple message that rings loud and clear.

"What we need to do is come together as people. Amen to that."

At least one person, a female, was detained by police during the protest because she wouldn't move from in front of the bus. She has since been released.

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