How to Impact Your Business with Outstanding Curb Appeal

How to Impact Your Business with Outstanding Curb Appeal

Outstanding first impressions with a theme of safety at the grass roots drives the business-to-business landscape maintenance and construction services for The Greenery, Inc. With more than 30 trucks and over 75 crew members devoted just to serving Savannah and surrounding Georgia regions - no job is too large or too small. This employee owned company works for resorts, POAs, military bases, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, and municipalities throughout coastal Georgia and the Lowcountry.

Many POAs have chosen to partner with The Greenery because "curb appeal helps sell a community," says Rob Martinez, Savannah branch manager. Potential buyers and renters get their first impression of a community by the appearance of the front entrance and the common area property.

"Many people think curb appeal and beautiful aesthetics are the most important aspect of landscaping a property," described Martinez. "What's really most important is safety."

Contact The Greenery for more information on safety and audits to mitigate legal liability.

A safety audit can help identify tripping hazards, obstructions to vehicular sight lines and DMV signs, lighting hazards, and building-related landscape issues. The Greenery then provides the report to the client along with recommended solutions to reduce risk and liability. Seemingly small injuries or accidents often lead to large expensive lawsuits.

The Greenery also performs an irrigation audit when beginning service at a new property at no additional cost. The staff identifies the functional problems that exist with the current irrigation system and the estimated cost to get it fully operational. They also identify water saving opportunities such as capping off areas that are no longer required or modifying the system to reduce waste. This helps a business save both time and money.

The Greenery is committed to operating as your service partner to maintain and improve your property.

Commercial Services include:

  • Commercial Landscape Maintenance
  • Irrigation
  • Landscape Construction
  • Aquatic Management
  • Drainage Solutions
  • Emergency Storm Recovery
  • Janitorial Services
  • Outdoor Lighting Solutions
  • Masonry
  • Metal Work
  • Palm Tree Pruning
  • Site Furnishing
  • Street and Parking Lot Sweeping

For information about The Greenery, Inc., visit, call 912-450-3000 or like them on Facebook.