Woman killed in Savannah weekend crash was victim of kidnapping

Woman killed in Savannah weekend crash was victim of kidnapping

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Two people are dead after a fiery car crash on Sunday morning at Henry and Habersham streets.

Surveillance cameras show the crash taking place at 3:18 a.m. People have already placed balloons and flowers at the tree where it ended.

"It was just screeching tires and a loud crash," said a woman who lives nearby.

Tinsel Bowman says it's just unbelievable. She recalls the moment the Nissan Altima crashed into the tree.

"I mean we immediately shot up out of bed, wondering what was going on, and immediately came out of our door and saw the car, saw the blue lights," she said.

Georgia State Patrol was the first to arrive to the scene, just seconds after the crash. Here's what a neighbor says GSP told her.

"That he was coming the opposite direction. He had gotten a call as he had heard on the scanner while he was coming down MLK, and he decided to come the opposite way down Henry with his lights on trying to head the guy off."

Savannah Police say it all started as a domestic situation between a male and a female which turned into a domestic kidnapping.

We spoke with the executive director of the Safe Shelter, who says anyone dealing with any type of domestic abuse should reach out for help.

"The first thing we do when somebody calls here, we do a safety plan with them," said Cheryl Branch, Executive Director.

If you can - avoid them by all means if you are fearful of them.

"The last thing you want to do is be anywhere alone with them," Branch said. "The threats, the controlling behavior, isolating you from family and friends, these are all red flags, and it's really important that you talk to somebody."

Michael Singleton and Towona Andrews, both 38, were in the car when it crashed, catching fire.

We asked the neighbor if she sees things like this happen often in the neighborhood.

"Honestly, not at this intersection in particular, but the one right down at the next block at Duffy, we've actually seen different crashes within two months of each other."

According to the GSP crash report, an autopsy is scheduled for Monday.

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