Bodycam footage shows former Georgia cop at estranged wife's home

Bodycam footage shows former Glynn County cop at estranged wife's home

GLYNN CO., GA (WTOC) - The funeral for a woman killed in McIntosh County late last month was held on Saturday. Katie Kettles Sasser was shot and killed along with another man, John Hall, at Hall's home.

Her estranged husband, Robert Corey Sasser, is the only suspect in the Tolomato Island double homicide. Glynn County officers found him dead in his truck after a short chase and standoff. Sasser is a former lieutenant with the Glynn County Police Department.

Body camera video is available from the incident that started the deadly spiral on May 13. Warning: both victims are shown extensively in the below video.

A combative Robert Sasser was trying to get into the house of his estranged wife, Katie. She said she'd been living there three months after separating.

The former cop told officers he just wanted the keys to the Tahoe the couple shared. Back inside, Katie agreed to give him the keys if it made him leave. A transcript of some of the bodycam video is below.

"On the other end, he was going to kill everybody in here," Hall is heard saying in the video. "I have no idea who this guy is."

Shortly after, an officer questioned Katie and Hall's account of Sasser kicking on the door.

"I'm not seeing any marks on the door," an officer said.

This same officer eventually went outside to hand Sasser the keys to the Tahoe.

Here ya go," the officer said.

Officers and Sasser appeared to laugh about the situation, saying Sasser could've kicked the door in if he wanted to.

"Yeah, I think you know how to kick in a door," the officer says.

30 seconds later, the officers all agreed to turn off their cameras.

"I'm off," said one officer. "Are you off?"

Still, the department and district attorney charged Sasser with simple battery and criminal trespass.

A month and a half after this incident, while out on bond, witnesses say Sasser shot and killed John Hall and Katie Sasser in Hall's McIntosh County home.

Officers later found Sasser dead in his truck at his home in Glynn County a couple hours later.

The day after the domestic dispute involving Sasser, in an interview with a high ranking Glynn County officer, Katie said that she didn't really fear for her safety. She was more worried Robert would kill himself. She said Sasser, "has extreme depression and extreme PTSD." She went on to say 75 to 80% of it is from the Carolyn Smalls shooting.

This is not the first time Sasser has found himself in the middle of controversy. He's been involved in two controversial officer-involved shootings, with one of the shootings happening during a drug arrest at a local gas station in 2005.

The second was the aforementioned Carolyn Smalls shooting. Sasser and his partner killed Smalls in June of 2010. They say they feared for their lives after the chase but bragged about their marksmanship in the dash cam video that drew nationwide attention. Sasser was cleared and even promoted to lieutenant in the years since the shooting.

His two-decade career in law enforcement began to unravel after the domestic dispute with his wife. Two days after posting bond on those charges, he was involved in a standoff with officers and a SWAT team. He was taken into custody after hours of negotiating and taken to a hospital for treatment.

Then, a few days before the double homicide, a woman called police saying Sasser threatened her in a restaurant in Glynn County.

A judge banned Sasser from Glynn County following his latest release from jail. He had been living in Alabama but was in town for a court hearing when all this happened.

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