Autopsies rule Gum Branch deaths as murder-suicide

Autopsies rule Gum Branch deaths as murder-suicide

LIBERTY CO., GA (WTOC) - The Liberty County Sheriff's Office says the death of a husband and wife in Gum Branch is the result of a murder-suicide following autopsies.

Sheriff Steve Sikes says Billy Lupo stabbed his wife Ashlie several times and then shot her at their home on Howard Road. He then turned the weapon on himself.  Deputies believe the incident took place sometime Wednesday evening.

Acey Lewis lives right up the road from the Lupos. He saw deputies and investigators there when he left for work Thursday.

"I asked a deputy what had happened and he said there were two bodies in the house," Lewis said.

Sheriff's investigators tell us the couple was in the process of divorcing and Ashlie had moved out.

Lewis says he had little contact with either of them.

"He drove a pickup with a ladder on the side. He'd wave when he drove by and honk the horn when we were in the yard," Lewis said. "It's very distressing. I don't understand how people can do this."

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