100+ animals found dead on Hampton County property

100+ animals found dead on Hampton County property

HAMPTON CO., SC (WTOC) - We're learning more about an animal abuse investigation out of Hampton County involving multiple types of animals.

More than 100 animals were found dead. Officials knew to do a welfare check on the property because of all the buzzards flying around in the heavily-wooded area, and horses roaming around.

Investigators tell us their animal control officer filed a report after there had been multiple calls about animals roaming in the area. They proceeded to do a welfare check on the Early Branch property and found the owner, Connie Jackson.

Officials say they found emaciated animals - remains that were in different stages of decomposition. Some of those animals included horses, pigs, sheep, chickens, and turkeys. They also say there was no fresh water, little to no food, and the living spaces for the animals were hazardous.

"There were various species that were used for pets, to domestic farm animals and there were some that were used for meat consumption," said Michelle Reid, Valiant Animal Rescue, Forensic Investigator. "We just want to make sure that the public if aware of what was going on."

The details of this case don't stop there. According to the incident report, investigators found a bag next to where the pigs were housed that contained dog remains.

"This case not only bothered me because of the extensive cruelty that was going on, but the public health hazard as well," Reid said.

Connie Jackson's charges include animal cruelty, abandonment, torture, and ill-treatment of animals in general.

"It's being looked into further and I can say that we have animals currently in our case as well."

Reid says this isn't over yet and more serious charges could be coming.

As we learn more about the investigation, we'll bring you the details.

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