Democratic candidate for GA governor begins statewide jobs tour in Pooler

POOLER, GA (WTOC) - After two months of being the Democratic candidate for Georgia governor, Stacey Abrams now has an opponent.

She campaigned in Pooler at the Ironworkers Union on Thursday. She took a quick tour of the facility and met with apprentices watching them in action, all focusing in on her "Jobs for Georgia" plan. It's a part of her statewide jobs tour.

Abrams started the tour in Pooler and said that was important for people to notice.

She'll also stop in Atlanta and Macon over the next two days.

The job plan to boost the Georgia economy is adding small business growth and more opportunities for apprentices.

She wants the state of Georgia to have 22,000 apprentices by 2022. And wants to do this by coordinating with more technical colleges and collaborating with trade unions.

"The state of South Carolina has over 9,500 apprenticeships and Georgia is lagging behind and that has to stop. We're a larger state and we have absolutely the best people to take advantage of these jobs and this training," Abrams said.

She spent most of the tour and Thursday's press briefing focusing on the economy and her plan to boost it.

"I know what we need to do for Georgia because I've been working on it for the last 11 years in the legislature, and the last 20 years as someone who has been a part of Georgia's economy. My mission is to win this election by talking to every Georgian, and it doesn't really matter who else is doing this, because I'm running for Georgia," Abrams said.

Savannah voter Jessica Curtis appreciates Abrams even more for not getting involved in the banter.

"I think Trump's goal is to rile her up to get her to engage and I think it's really great that so far, Stacey Abrams is just staying the course and not engaging in the negativity; just stating her platform," Curtis said.

"It's also about local jobs and local products," Abrams said. "For example, Georgia is spending $900 million in transportation. I want to make certain that Georgians are being hired for those jobs and that they have the skills necessary to take advantage of those jobs."

Right now, there are about 8,000 trained apprentices in Georgia. By 2022, Abrams wants to have over 22,000.

So far, their campaign does not have a headquarters here in the Coastal Empire, but they say they will very soon.

Abrams will face Republican candidate Brian Kemp in November.

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