Disney producers present film plan to City of Savannah

Disney producers present film plan to City of Savannah

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - We're getting our first look at plans for a new Disney movie set to be shot right here in Savannah.

The film office and movie producers made their first presentation to city council members on Thursday.

They'll be filming the entirety of the film in Savannah. The crew says the city will be easily recognizable in the final product they release sometime next year.

Filming begins Sept. 10 and will wrap up outside around Nov. 7, weather permitting. Crews will be filming on a stage until December. The estimated local impact is about $20 million. They'll also be hiring local talent and using small businesses for the project.

Johnson and Wright squares will be closed at various points to shoot the movie. They'll also use a portion of River Street. You can expect the area to look nearly identical to how it would look in the early 1900s. The film crew says the authenticity of Savannah made it an easy decision to choose to film here.

The natural question is, what's the name of the film? Right now, the working title is "Goodbye Stranger." We did some digging and found a crew call website that lists "Goodbye Stranger" as a working title for "Lady and the Tramp." Film crews nor Disney producers have confirmed that.

"Part of what we do is we disrupt daily lives here, and we know that," said Diane Sabatini, Executive Producer. "We want to be respectful. We are members of the community now. Some of us are going to be living here for six to seven months, and we're really excited about it."

Several members of council welcomed the film crew to Savannah, commending staff on working with them to bring this massive production to the Hostess City.

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