Trucking company, driver blame Savannah police officer Anthony Christie in fatal accident

Trucking company, driver blame Savannah police officer Anthony Christie in fatal accident

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Trucking company HSI Logistics and driver Charles Livingston - blamed in a Savannah police officer's death - say the officer is at fault in an official response to a wrongful death lawsuit.

The widow of Officer Anthony Christie sued the trucking company in July.

Christie, 37, was re-directing traffic on I-16 early morning on May 25 when a tractor-trailer driven by Livingston hit his patrol car, killing him on scene.

A lawsuit and the defendant's response - filed since each - say the other is at fault.

The original complaint claims "Christie was sitting in his police car with his emergency lights activated before a semi-truck came barreling down I-16 at full-speed with a load."

However, the defense said Livingston was "traveling at or below the posted speed limit." It also claims "the only lights on the police car activated were a small flashing clear blue light and possibly corner lights," which blended with other emergency lights, making it difficult to see.

The defense goes on to say "the position of Officer Christie's police car was in violation of protocol, law enforcement policies, and state laws and regulations adopted by the City of Savannah."

WTOC reached out to Savannah Police Wednesday. They could not confirm or deny this claim.

Finally, the original suit claims nothing was obstructing the view of the truck driver. However, the defense says a "tow truck blocked his view of the police car right up to the point of the accident."

As each attorney waits for a date in court, Christie's widow waits for accountability while Livingston and the trucking company wait for a decision.

WTOC reached out to Georgia State Patrol on July 18 for a copy of the official crash report. GSP claimed the crash was still under investigation.

In another attempt to access the report Wednesday, we have not heard back.

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