Glynn Co. district attorney releases details of Sasser investigation

GLYNN CO., GA (WTOC) - The Glynn County district attorney says a former police lieutenant did, in fact, commit suicide after killing his estranged wife and another man.

Cory Sasser killed Katie Kettles Sasser and John Hall Jr. at Hall's home in McIntosh County.

He killed himself at his home in Glynn County after a short chase with authorities.

Sasser bought the shotgun he used to kill Katie and Hall at a gun shop in Valdosta, GA, using his weapons carry permit to avoid the background check. We're also learning Sasser took a gun from his oldest son's house, leading to a misdemeanor charge for his son, Bryce.

All of this started back in May when Sasser confronted Katie and John Hall at her house. He was arrested for that. The DA says Sasser used his police computer to run an unauthorized background check on Hall to find out where he lived.

Phone records show Sasser made several disturbing searches, including searches about killing a wife who cheats and searching John Hall and Tolomato Island, where Hall lived.

The most shocking thing is that Sasser called a funeral home in Brunswick and paid for his funeral and cremation hours before killing Hall and Katie.

Shortly after killing them, a witness says Sasser came out of the home with the rifle and said, "that's what happens when you sleep with another man's wife."

That same witness says Sasser's truck had been in the neighborhood for hours that night.

Right after leaving, Sasser called his son, Bryce, and admitted to killing them. He then shot himself in the chest with a handgun at his home in Glynn County.

This whole time, his family thought he was in Biloxi, MS.

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