Top Teacher: Lisa Tuttle, Richmond Hill Elementary School

Top Teacher: Lisa Tuttle, Richmond Hill Elementary School

RICHMOND HILL, GA (WTOC) - Third graders bring a lot of independence and enthusiasm to the classroom, so a teacher has to be up to the challenge.

At Richmond Hill Elementary School, Lisa Tuttle, is helping to turn that energy into brain power.

"You have to get their attention, their focus, get them excited about learning," Tuttle said.

After 20 years in the classroom, Tuttle knows how to get her students focused for learning.

"They have a lot of energy, so we do things for a short period of time, then I get them up and moving," she said.

Tuttle is a natural in the classroom, but it wasn't her first choice after graduating from Georgia Southern with an Electrical Engineering degree.

"I grew up with my mom as a teacher and said 'absolutely no way would I ever become a teacher, so I was determined to be an engineer and ended up teaching."

Tuttle eventually followed in her mother's footsteps, going back to school to get her teaching degree after she became a mom herself.

"I had my own family," she said. "I wanted to spend time with my son while he was off and out of school, so that was part of the draw; that I could be off with my family."

Now, her family grows every year, as her students become part of her family.

"Every day, I get to come to these bright shining faces, eager to learn," she said. "I hope they remember having fun, but also that learning is fun."

Tuttle's kids were all very happy to see her receive the award for WTOC Top Teacher.

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