Georgia Southern football brings the bucks to Statesboro businesses

Georgia Southern football brings the bucks to Statesboro businesses

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - Football fans aren't the only ones excited for a new season.

Businesses in Statesboro, like Soyumi, could already see a spike in business Friday as thousands of fans make the journey for gameday weekends.

"We see an increase in traffic. We see a definite pop in both of the restaurants I'm involved with," said Adam Tsang, the restaurant owner.

From restaurants to hotels to other businesses, everyone sees more business. A study reported every game day weekend brought roughly $1.1 million to the local economy.

"There's a huge difference in Statesboro during football season. We love seeing our hotel parking lots full, our restaurants full. People are shopping and staying and having a great time in Statesboro the whole weekend, not just game day," said Becky Davis, with the Convention and Visitors' Bureau.

Business owners say those five or six home games per year help them pull back ahead of the slow period of the year they just finished.

"The summers are kind of the doldrums here, not a lot of movement. We're always gearing up for football season. We're excited for it," Adam said.

The better the team does on the field; the better local businesses do in the register.

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