A Guide to the Wireless World

Still using an old flip phone with a pull-out antenna and green backlighting? May have been cool in the '90s, but you're past due for an upgrade.
What are they saying?
Confused by the alphabet soup of abbreviations today's young people use when chatting online? Check out this handy list of translations from Webopedia.com.
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Is your kid finally old enough for the cell phone she's been begging you for? We have some tips.

Are you a serious business traveler still lugging a laptop around, just to check email? Mayday.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to today's phones, so to eliminate some of the confusion, here are a few of today's hottest phones and the features you'll find on them.

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Don't know a text message from a postage stamp? Never checked your email on the go? Here are some explanations.
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Some phones we like, for different ages and uses, from the affordable to the "if you have to ask..." range.
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