Liberty County Residents Say Road, Ditch Improvements Not Enough

Robert sauls says he and his neighbors on butter blount road are no better off than they were a year ago. They complained to county commissioners then about road drainage that flooded their yards. He calls their work window dressing.

"They came in here and half did it and now we call the county commission and they don't return our calls." Claimed sauls. "They won't come when we tell them to come."

He claims the new driveway pipes didn't fix poorly sloped ditches that don't send water anywhere. They also want a -turn around-- a small driveway neighbors say they'd deed to the county if busses would travel up and down their short dead end road.

Because the buses won't go down butter blount road, twelve school children must walk - in some cases the length of a football field - to where the paved road begins, dodging log trucks and speeding commuters.

"It's a big safety hazard for the children and I'm afraid one of them is gonna get hurt or run over."Noted neighbor billie j. Blitch.

But county leaders say they've spent ten thousand dollars on butter blount so far this year. They say it was a poorly-designed private road decades ago when previous commissioners accepted the deed.

"The road elevation is about the same as the swamp basin around it. Given a heavy rain event and if the swamp is high -- there's a likelihood the water won't drain as fast as we'd like." Explained liberty county manager joey brown.

Sauls says without sloping the ditches, they'll be about as wet this hurricane season as they were last year. The homeowners set a deadline of July first. If things don't improve, they're going to the governor. We'll keep an eye on it and let you know what happens.

Reported by Dal Cannady