Editorial Feedback -001/22/07

Thank you for another wonderful editorial.

There really are quite a few people who think that peace will break out by us leaving Iraq.
What a joke. This continous politicizing (right and left alike) does not help.

Now they want to try diplomacy. Wait until Sept, 28th, 2008, the 70th anniversary of Munich. THIS time the people will not stand patiently in the food line. There is a proverb in German: " Wer nicht hören will, muß fühlen." (You don't want to listen, you'll get to feel the consequences) Sadly enough we might get our millions of dead people. Imagine a Katrina on a national level.

Above all else let's stop fiddling. Either we are at war or we are not.

Jürgen Sievers
Midway, GA
THANK YOU, Bill Cathcart for todays BOXER editorial.If the rest of the world including us don't SOON realize that what you said is the truth there won't be a FREE WORLD to see GlobalWarming/ Political Correctness"

Ruth Berges
Savannah, GA
Bill Cathcart, Why do you stubbornly back GWB in this failed Iraq policy? 3.100 families have been devastated by this war of choice. Do you really think continuing down this road will lead to"victory". I, for one, along with 80% of this country have come see what a shameful charade this current isloated president has done, namely, put thousands of young people in harmsway for no real purpose. Take the 21,000 new troops and send them to the real battle zone, Afghanistan, where the real terrorists are, let the Iraqi's have their civil war,which they will inevitably have as soon as we leave anyway, but for God's sake, get the bullseye off or patriotic troops. I say get out of Baghdad now, at least move the troops to the borders where we can monitor insurgent movement and let the Iraqi's stand up now. You talk of myopic vision, why are you part of the 20% that can't see this?

Mike Murphy
Richmond Hill, GA
I am a retired editorial Director for the CBS TV station in Atlanta, and your manager is out of control. I refer to the Boxer Rebellion editorial which was far too long-and far too vitriolic...he sounded like a petty tyrant in some banana republic, and not a reasoned, and reasonable editorial voice.  Give us viewers a break and limit your editorials to 60 seconds of well-written well-thought out opinions, not a harangue or a rant. I do not expect to see this opinion on your web site, with this guy in charge.

Mary Stimmel
Townsend, GA
Bravo. I just heard your editorial for today, 1-22, and have never heard a more concise, to the point summary of global terrorism and "why we are involved". I wish everybody in the US was required to hear and understand that message. I hope GWB can articulate this message as well tomorrow night. However I fear the overwhelming majority on citizens don't want to listen. As Jack Nicholson said "...can't handle the truth". BBoxer is purposfully and dangerously perpetuating the ignorance for the benefit of her party, not the nation.

Todd Guenther
Bluffton, SC