Accused Serial Killer Stands Trial

A cold case getting hotter today as an accused serial killer stands trial. Police say Edward Wilkins killed three prostitutes almost seven years ago.

Prosecutor David Lock outlined the case to the jury this afternoon during opening statements. "The defendant in this case Edward Charles Wilkins, Junior is a serial murderer," Lock said.

Lock said Wilkins killed the three prostitutes between October 1999 and December 2000. Police found Charles Bolden dressed as a woman, lying dead in a ditch off Pate Street.

"His body had been riddled with bullets, seven gun shot wounds to the upper body," said Lock.

Police later found Jon Andrea Wiggins and Jan Pringle's body in the same Liberty City neighborhood.

Lock told the jury he will present a lot of evidence against Wilkins--DNA evidence, a videotaped confession, the murder weapon and a living victim who testified she was raped, shot and left for dead.

Wilkins' attorney, Charles Grile, said his client is innocent. Grile told the jury Wilkins' father, Edward Charles Wilkins, Sr., may be the real killer.

Grile said, "I'm not Perry Mason so I don't tell you who did it, but at the end of the day you are going to have so much reasonable doubt... The evidence will show you my client is not the monster the prosecution want you to think he is."

If convicted Wilkins is facing three consecutive life sentences. Court will resume in Judge Perry Brannen's courtroom Wednesday morning.

Reported by Michelle Paynter,