Parking Info

The following information is from the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department:

The SCMPD would like to remind all parade attendees of certain restrictions concerning parking and streets that will be closed for the duration of the parade. The parade staging area will be the first area affected by parking restrictions the day of the parade. Parking in and around the staging area and along the parade route will be clearly marked "NO PARKING", with white bags over parking meters. Traffic Division officers will be posting notices reminding residents of parking restrictions prior to and during Saturday's parade. In addition, other strategic areas of the Festival Area will be indicated by "NO PARKING" bags on meters. The "NO PARKING" bags are not to be removed by anyone! The penalty for removing the bags will involve towing the vehicle, towing charges and associated fines. Affected areas without meters will be posted within the immediate block and at Parking Pay Stations with "NO PARKING" signs.

The "Festival Area" for the St. Patrick's Day celebration is defined as follows: North of Jones Street to the River, east of Boundary Street and Martin Luther King Blvd., and west of East Broad St. All local ordinances concerning the Festival will be strictly enforced in this area. In this area, all alcoholic drink cups must be paper, plastic or styrofoam, and 16 ounces or less. No other alcoholic containers of any kind will be allowed in the Festival Area.

People living, visiting, and/or parking along the route are reminded that all cars must be removed no later than 6:00 a.m. before the parade. All vehicles illegally parked in areas affected by the parade will be towed at owner's expense. And, the vehicle owners must obtain a vehicle release form from police headquarters at Habersham and Oglethorpe Streets in order to claim any towed vehicle. Proof of ownership is required to obtain a vehicle release form from SCMPD.