Top Teen--James Small

James Small, WTOC Top Teen
James Small, WTOC Top Teen

Imagine being only a senior in high school and heading up a marketing team. Well, one teen from savannah is doing that and a whole lot more.

Meet James Small, he's a senior at Johnson high school and a marketing guru.

"So many aspects of marketing draws me to it," said Small.

But it wasn't until his marketing class with Bettiena Tate that James realized he wanted to someday run is own marketing firm.

"James is a dynamic student and well rounded professional and he is very dependable and hard working," said Tate.

In fact, James has already won several state awards for his quick decision making, and marketing skills.

James is also getting real on the job experience and he already has different marketing accounts with several business right here in Savannah.

"We work with different business owners, and they tell us any marketing ideas they have and we are in charge of all activities," said Small.

"We come up with a business marketing strategy for that business," said Small.

Bettiena Tate says James always gives 110 percent.

"And I see him going very far in his future," said Tate.

So do we, which is why James Small is this week's WTOC Top Teen.

"I feel really good," said Small.

Reported by: Brooke Kelley,