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Published: Apr. 25, 2014 at 6:36 PM EDT
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  -  Effective June 3, 2008

For all requests, including those by subpoena, for a story or show that has aired within two weeks of the request, the following fees apply:

Story Dub - $20 + $2.50 Standard Ground Shipping
Show Dub - $30 (for 30-minute shows) + $2.50 Standard Ground Shipping
Show Dub - $40 (for 60-minute shows) + $2.50 Standard Ground Shipping

For all requests for material after two weeks of the original air date, including subpoenaed material, the following fees apply:

$150.00 initial research fee plus $50.00 per hour after the initial hour.  Upon request, a good faith estimate of the research time can be provided.

Video Duplication:

$100 initial duplication fee plus $10.00 per minute after the initial 15 minutes of duplicated material.  Cost includes VHS tape or DVD disks, but the choice of media will be made at the sole discretion of station.

Document Duplication:
$1.00 per page for the first 25 pages, then $.25 per page after that.

Additional terms:

1. Payment of initial research and/or initial duplication fees must be made in advance in the form of cash, company check, or money order.  No work will commence until funds have been received.
2. Full payment of research and/or duplication fees must be received prior to delivery of any materials.
3. Video, audio, or other materials are for individual viewing and may not be redistributed or used in any commercial or non-commercial manner without the expressed written consent of the station.
4. Postage/shipping costs shall be paid by requestor.

If you would like to order a copy of a story or for more information about dub requests, Send Us An Email or call Benita Thomas at 912.238.8385.

If making a request, please include your contact information, the name of the story you're looking for and what date and what show it aired.