St. Patrick's Day - This'll Help (read on)

  • I still don't have a hotel room ?
    There are still a few available, and possibly some last minute cancellations. Try calling the major chains, then, if you're already in town, stop at the front desk of the first hotel you see. They may not have a room, but you can be pretty sure they'll know where you might be able to find one. There are always a few cancellations. Try this link to the Savannah Visitors Bureau list of hotels with rooms available -- CLICK HERE.
  • I can't find a parking space ?
    Don't improvise. There's a very good chance that you'll get ^t-o-w-e-d. Try the city garages in the downtown area ("Legal / Illegal link below ), then the Visitors Center on MLK. The streets south of Gaston are possibilities, but watch where you park, and remember, it's a long walk to the River (and an even longer walk after a day of parading and partying). Take another moment to check out the LEGAL & ILLEGAL PARKING
  • I can't find my friends ?
    Good luck. On the bright side, at St. Patrick's Day in Savannah, you'll probably make new ones. There're about 300,000 to choose from. Seriously, it's always a good idea to set a meeting place before you venture out. Make it somewhere simple and obvious. "On the river" won't do. Neither will "Along the parade route". Try something specific like "The Washington Guns on Bay Street", or "Under John Wesley's outstretched arms on Abercorn ". Just make sure everyone knows what you're talking about. Best bet is to go there first so that everyone's familiar with the location -- then hit the streets.
  • I can't lose my friends .
    Sorry, can't help you there. Next year tell them, "Wish I could, but I have to work" .
  • I didn't get to see any of the parade because that guy in the Cat in the Hat hat wouldn't sit down .
    Our camera people are very short; and none of them wear those hats.
  • I've really got to, ah, "GO!" .
    One of the toughest topics during St.Patrick's Day festivities. The city provides lots of porta-potties along the parade route and the river. Some kind businesses are open and try to accommodate. Do not , under any circumstances, follow the sport shoe advice of " Just Do It". It will likely land you in jail; or at least get you very familiar with handcuffs and the judicial system. I know it sounds silly, but it's one of the most complained about problems on St. Patrick's Day once the partying gets serious.
  • How do I really enjoy St.Patrick's Day in Savannah?
    It's easy; all you have to do is:
      >  Use your head,
      >  Follow the rules that have been establised for everyone's safety and comfort, and
      >  Have a Designated Driver or use public transportation, 'cause
     we don't cater to people who don't "use their head" and wind up hurting other people.

Thank you for visiting our city! Have a great time; and
  "Y'all come back now -- ya' here!"