Mobile Phones - Growing Trends

Long gone are the days when mobile phones were a luxury. In business and in personal life, the cell phone has become a lifeline to many who'd be lost without them.

If you're still using some old flip-phone with a green-backlit screen and pull-out might be time to consider an upgrade. From phones with serious business applications (with full keyboards) to those more geared toward entertainment (for power texters), there is an amazing variety on the market today with prices to meet diverse budgets.

And a growing trend, we're told especially among parents wanting to control children's cell phone usage, is pre-paid or pay-as-you go plans. For cheap, you can pick up a phone with just enough minutes on it to get you started, then purchase more in predetermined blocks of time.

We offer here just a few examples for your consideration; remember, though, that most phones come with a carrier, and based on where you live, your experience with the service offered should be your guide. (It never hurts to ask around, and people are usually happy to talk about their gadgets!)