Top Teacher--Katy Richter

Katy Richter
Katy Richter

BROOKLET, GA--Do you remember having fun in school, maybe creating a science project or going on a special field trip? One Bulloch County teacher tries to make memorable experiences for her students each day.

As students at Brooklet Elementary School try to hit the right notes in music class, their teacher, Katy Richter, tries to clean up the classroom after a day of painting the solar system.

She says she's wanted to teach ever since she was in elementary school.

"I have two sisters and a younger brother and I always made them play school," she told us. "And they were my students and I was the teacher. I had a little chalkboard and we played. I've just kind of known my whole life."

And now, instead of young family members, she teaches 24 fourth graders, and she couldn't be happier.

"They make it worth getting up every morning," she said. "They are just a blessing to me. I'm probably going to cry. They are very special and each one of them has their own gift and they bring their gifts every day and I just love that."

And that love equals fun for these students, who seem to greatly appreciate her.

"She lets us do our homework in class," said student Gabriel Petkewich, "if we've done everything we needed to do before we do it."

She is described as having a natural ability to motivate, and that motivation is seen through her hands-on activities, no matter what the subject.

"For them, you know the days can sometimes become mundane," Richter told us. "And we have routines and procedures, and so throwing in a little 'wow' every now and then kind of keeps their attention and then they will never forget that, I know, for the rest of their life."

So for making learning unforgettable and lots of fun, Katy Richter is this week's WTOC Top Teacher.

Reported by: Karla Redditte,

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