Grand Marshal Presented in Public Investiture

Dr. Francis Patrick Rossiter, Jr.
Dr. Francis Patrick Rossiter, Jr.

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - You know that song that the grand marshal's been going around singing? Well it turns out that it's not exclusive to the Rossiters. That revelation and a whole lot more came out of yesterday's public investiture.

2008 Grand Marshal Dr. Frank Rossiter fessed up to the many variations of the theme Sunday at his public investiture at the St. Vincent Chorale.

The investiture is the formal presentation of the Grand Marshal to the public and an occasion when all the past grand marshals also gather as well as the braintrust of the Saint Patrick's Day Parade Committee.

It's in this setting that the traditional emblem of the Grand Marshal, the sash, is placed across his chest by the immediate past grand marshal, 2007 honoree John Burke, who shared with Dr. Rossiter what it feels like to lead the parade on Savannah's signature day.

"And everybody who has made this the finest year of my life, I thank you from the bottom of my heart," said Burke.

Rossiter was also recognized by Mayor Otis Johnson and Chairman Pete Liakakis of the Chatham County Commission in a ceremony in which he was also presented with the marshal's medal by his wife, Glenda.

St. Vincent's Chorale serenaded Grand Marshal Rossiter, who expressed appreciation from a family tree which includes Irish names familiar to all: Buttimers and Corrigans and Rossiters.

"I am truly honored and I thank you from the bottom of my heart," the grand marshal said. "This is not only an honor for me, it's an honor for the Rossiters past, present and future."

As his aides, the grand marshal appointed his brothers, his sons, his son-in law and Dr. Peter Scadino for his March 14 appointment, a mostly family gathering that signifies the way Dr. Frank sees the honor.

"This is an honor for the Rossiters past, present, and future," said Rossiter.

Reported by: Craig Harney,