Sheriff Suspended!

According to a letter from the Georgia Governor Roy Barne's office,  Sheriff Jay Space has been immediately suspended from his office. And already Effingham County Commissioner's feel this is the best way to serve the public. Tuesday night the Effingham County Commission made public the findings of a special committee tasked to investigate whether or not Sheriff Jay Space was able to continue serving as sheriff.

In a prepared statement, the Commission read a statement to the public saying "This council feels the committee has done what's best for the citizens and the sheriff." But the concerns over the sheriff's battle with multiple sclerosis is what led County Commissioners to seek help from the governor's office.

Tuesday Governor Roy Barnes suspended the sheriff for the maximum amount provided by law which is 60 days. Phillip King of the commission says "The Chief Superior Court judge will appoint someone in the interim until we have a special election and the people choose another sheriff."

News of the sheriff being suspended spread like wild fire but it was a wild fire that residents here didn't want to touch,  that's why we couldn't find anyone who would talk to us on camera.Comissioner Thompson says "I hate it had to come to this but we got to look out for our citizens."

Commissioners continue to say the sheriff's health forced them to take these steps. Now a Superior Court judge must weigh in on the future of who will be this county's sheriff.