Better Business Bureau Warns of Phone Scam

The Better Business Bureau wants you to beware of phone calls from a questionable company. The BBB says several people in the area have gotten calls from a company known as the Asset Recovery Group or AMS Recovery Group. The company offers several services, including debt consolidation, credit card placement, a new credit profile, or an asset recovery and cash locator, where the company says it will find money, property or other assets that belong to you if you pay them an up-front fee. The Better Business Bureau says the company tells you to call a 900 number for more information. Several people in the Savannah area were charged $19.95 for each call. The Better Business Bureau says if you get a call from the company, hang up and don't call the number.

The Asset Recovery Group also goes by the following names: AMS Members, Asset Retrieval Service, Claims Department or Financial Resource Network.

Reported by: Liz Flynn