Effingham County Liquor Referendum

As her customers sit down to enjoy a nice meal, Rincon restaurant owner Christal Yates makes sure they are accommodated in every way. And that includes offering them a selection of beverages, wine and beer included. But if they want a liquor drink, forget it.

"We do have some requests for it," she said. "We pull a lot of business from Chatham County and they are kind of shocked when they ask for a mixed drink and we're not able to serve it to them."

Even though Effingham County has allowed restaurants to serve beer and wine for the last decade, serving spirits has been out of the question.

People who want a mixed drink with their meal can get one, if they take their business outside the county line, as restaurant owners like Randall Cowart know all too well. As former business owner in Springfield, he knows that his current restaurant, located right outside the Effingham County line, is in a perfect spot.

"We found out that the sales there makes our food sales stronger," he said, "so that was one of the main reasons for coming back to this area."

On the August 20 vote on whether to allow liquor sales in Effingham County, Yates told us, "I don't think that it would promote alcoholism or any more DUIs. Alcohol is alcohol regardless if it's beer or wine or liquor."

Now it's up to the people of Effingham County to decide. We'll stay on the story and let you know what happens between now and the vote.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen