Savannah-Area Redistricting Guide

As is done every ten years, the Georgia General Assembly used new census numbers to redraw all State Legislative and Congressional districts in Georgia. In the wake of the 2000 census, Georgia gained two additional Congressional districts, increasing from 11 to 13. This resulted from a the population boom in the Peach State over the last ten years.

2002 Congressional Candidates

1st District Jack Kingston (R) vs.
Don Smart (D)
3rd District Calder Clay (R) vs.
Jim Marshall (D)
12th District Max Burns (R) vs.
Champ Walker (D)

None of the previous district configurations remain. The traditional coastal district, the 1st, now stretches westward past I-75. A new district, the 12th, scoops up most of the northern portion of the old 1st, including much of the population of Savannah/Chatham County. The 12th district stretches from Savannah northward through Augusta and further north to Athens/Clarke County. Given the uncertainty this new configuration has caused among most voters, WTOC has provided a color map to help voters familiarize themselves with the oddly shaped districts, especially in divided neighborhoods within Chatham County. You can zoom in on some areas that seem to have prompted the most confusion.