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The John Walsh Show - relevent, compassionate, inspiring. This studio-based daily talk show will address the topics that are meaningful and compelling to today's society. From stories making headlines to issues that impact our everyday lives, John will focus on topics people care about. Each week he will feature hometown heroes and provide tips on keeping Americas children safe. As major stories occur, The John Walsh Show will travel to the scene, across America, bringing viewers the human side of the story.

John Walsh is widely recognized as a tireless advocate for victim's rights and missing children as host of the nation's number-one crime-fighting show, "America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back." Beginning September 9, 2002, John will capture the hearts and minds of daytime audiences across the country with the debut of his one-hour daily talk show "The John Walsh Show."

Walsh's compassion and credibility is so widely recognized that the White House called on him during the recent terrorist attacks to help the American people come to terms and better understand the war on terrorism. In addition, the FBI called on Walsh after the Oklahoma City bombings to help with the investigation and bring the perpetrators to justice. "America's Most Wanted" is one of the five longest running primetime series on network television. Returning for it's 15th season this coming Fall, the show consistently ranks #1 among key adults and has helped capture hundreds of criminals, including 15 from the FBI's most wanted list and the notorious convicts known as the "Texas 7."

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