Georgia Southern University Helps Students Move In

Many college towns welcome the thousands of students that bring life to their community and economy; however, few make the effort that Statesboro and Georgia Southern University do.

This weekend, nearly 15,000 students are converging on Statesboro as they prepare to start the new school year and GSU is waiting to welcome them with open arms through a program called Operation Move-In. It's something the faculty and staff of Georgia Southern University do every year: help freshmen start a new life away from home, by helping them move their belongings.

"Usually, it's just mom and dad and the kid," says professor Michael Moore, "and usually they have a lot of stuff."

it's a welcome relief for students, who are dealing with the challenges of a new school and roommates, in addition to moving.

"I couldn't remember a thing from orientation about how to get around and that was frustrating," explains Ashley Stassburger, from Atlanta.

"It's the shock of being on your own, being completely on your own," admits freshman Danielle Perigard, "figuring out what you need to do and how you want to do it."

Classes start Tuesday at Georgia Southern University with a record enrollment of more than 14,800 incoming students.