Davis family comments on Alderman's execution

By Christy Hutchings - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The State of Georgia has executed another death row inmate. Tuesday Jack Alderman was executed by lethal injection.

For more than three decades Alderman's case has gone through the courts.  He was convicted of beating his wife Barbara to death in her Garden City home and dumped her body in her car into a rural creek back in 1974.

He was on Georgia's death row longer than any other inmate.

There's another execution on the horizon; Troy Anthony Davis, convicted of killing Savannah police officer Mark McPhail.

Davis' appeals just about exhausted, the execution date is now set for one week from Tuesday.

His family was well aware of Alderman's execution and Tuesday night sat down and spoke with us both on their reaction to Alderman's death.

"My prayers go out to him, the victim's family, as well as Jack Alderman Senior. What does he do?" said Martina Correria, Davis' sister.

Correria says Alderman's family didn't do anything, yet they are now victims too.

"It's a continuous cycle of torture. The people, the prosecutors, different people tell the victim's family's that you're going to get closure, what is closure? I would like for someone to tell me what closure is. Did the people who some executed that were innocent or that were exonerated did they get closure. No they didn't," said Correria.

And that's been Correria and other Davis supporters fight all along. They claim the wrong man is on death row, but the courts and the pardon and paroles board don't agree.

Even after appeal after appeal still no new trial for Davis.

Now with only a week left until his execution his family can only hope that someone will intervene, so that Davis doesn't become what they call another statistic.

Currently the only way Davis will receive a stay of execution is if the US Supreme Court, the Georgia Supreme Court or the Pardons and Parole Board.

In the state of Georgia the Governor cannot stop an execution. Georgia is one of only five states that their governor does not have this power.