Possible Arson

The Savannah Fire Department is investigating a blaze that destroyed a car and damaged a house. It appears the fires were deliberately set.

About 2:30am, neighbors who live in the 2100 block of Hawthorne Street off Pennsylvania Avenue spotted flames coming from the back of a home. When Savannah police and firefighters arrived, they found a car engulfed in flames in the backyard of the house. Then firefighters noticed smoke coming from the home and then found fire in the attic. There was also a heavy smell of gasoline in the air.

It took them only minutes to put the flames out.

Firefighters say the house was vacant, thanks to the quick work of neighbors the house was saved. Fire investigators are now looking into the cause of the fire. A fire investigator took evidence from the scene to determine the cause of the fires.

Reported by: Steven Shoob