Dachshunds Compete for Top Dog Honors in Weiner Dog Races

Oktoberfest in Savannah has one of the most unique events in the world: the weiner dog races. Every year the dachshunds dash down River Street, vying for the title of top dog.

They're plopped into the starting gate six dogs at a time. Once the doors swing open, their owners cheer them on as they attempt to make their way to the finish line.

One woman brought her dog, Polly, all the way from Atlanta just for one thing. "Just for the weiner dog races," she says.

Dogs are enticed by -- what else? -- a can of vienna sausages at the finish line. Jerry Pike says his dog Cocoa can forgo the sausages -- and the race. "She's not swift enough for it right now," he says.

Dogs of all sizes and colors come out to participate. Bailey, a splashy brown and white dachshund, was not so enthusiastic about the idea of running. "When the gates open he supposed to go," explains owner Pam Cobb, "but he's like, okay, I'll just stay here, I'm fine."

The Banks family brought their dog who's also named Bailey. "This is his first race," say owners, Natalie and Bubba Banks. "Bailey the Bullet. He can out run anyone."

Bailey didn't win the race, but it was his first time running, and in this race, everyone is a weiner.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro