Football team manager in wheelchair scores TD in game

  Authorities confiscate $2.2 million in fake Nikes

The street value of the faux cargo is estimated at more than $2.2 million.

  ‘Rage room’ allows fans to smash stuff inside Philadelphia Flyers arena

Fans will be able to destroy items like guitars, televisions and dishware using a variety of tools - from baseball bats to hockey sticks.

  NBA backlash continues in China over GM's tweet

Several Chinese companies have suspended their partnership with the NBA in recent days.

  China suspends ties to Houston Rockets over manager's pro-Hong Kong tweet

Several chinese businesses are not playing ball with the NBA's Houston Rockets because of its general manager's support to pro-democracy protests.

  Rockets player apologizes about manager's tweet supporting Hong Kong

James Harden apologized about manager Daryl Morey's tweet in support of Hong Kong. The tweet angered people in China and caused a blowback.

  First transgender pro boxer becomes face of Everlast

  AAF suspending operations

  President Trump personally pays for Clemson's fast food feast

President Trump personally pays for Clemson's fast food feast

  MLB, Cuba strike deal on baseball players

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