Concerns grow over historic building in downtown Darien

source: WTOC
source: WTOC
Published: Jul. 24, 2019 at 6:57 PM EDT
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DARIEN, Ga. (WTOC) -Residents and the City of Darien are raising concerns about the conditions of a downtown building.

The Adam Strain building is a historical landmark in the city, but it’s boarded up and covered in ivy. Residents say they want it to be saved and restored.

The building was built around 1820, and survived the burning of Darien in 1863. It’s been standing along the waterfront in Darien since the 1800’s, and its history is a huge reason why the people of Darien want it saved.

“There is so much we could do to use this building,” said Kit Sutherland, a resident of Darien. “Let it continue to be a landmark for the City of Darien and something people in tourism would like to see.”

Sutherland grew up in Darien. Her old photos show what the building looked like before weather and time took their toll.

“I so hope it can be stabilized and salvaged and put into active use," Sutherland said.

“I think everyone here is concerned about that building,” said Tim Sweezey, Darien City Manager. “We certainly do not want to see it demolished. However, it currently resides under a private ownership, therefore the city can’t do anything other than follow its codes and procedures.”

Right now, the building is boarded up and roped off with caution tape and cones for people to not get close to it. The city says it's a hazard.

“Our number one concern is that this is parallel to an adjacent sidewalk and parking lot, and we are very concerned about public safety and something happening,” Sweezey said. "The city hopes to come to a resolution soon on how to address the building, and what should happen with it next.

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