Pool business swimming in success despite pandemic

Pride Pools & Spas seeing big business during COVID-19 shutdowns
Pool industry sees big sales despite COVID-19
Pool industry sees big sales despite COVID-19(Sam Bauman)
Updated: May. 26, 2020 at 4:23 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - While many businesses have faced a tough road due to COVID-19, some have actually reaped the benefits of families spending more time at home.

One of those industries: pools and spas.

Something that came as a surprise to many, including those in the business. Like Pride Pools and Spas in Savannah who initially braced themselves for the worst.

“Yeah, we were not really sure what was going to happen,” said Pride Pools and Spas President Alex Smith anticipating a possible fall off in sales.

“We weren’t sure if people were going to be able to work from home or have the income for hot tubs or pools.”

But it didn't take long for them to realize things may not be as bad as expected.

“Right now everything is just, busy,” says Smith.

And it has been for months. So busy in fact there’s actually a six month back up for pools.

“We normally aren’t this backed up. It’s rare, it’s a rare thing. We’re normally only about three or four months out,” Smith says.

As for why they're so busy?

Smith putting it simply, “I guess when people are at home, they need things to do.”

That combined with a delay from manufactures, parents working from home, and families now realizing that summer vacation probably wasn't going to happen.

“Basically it’s a ‘staycation.’ A lot of people don’t have anywhere to go a lot of parks are shutdown, a lot of amusement parks. People just didn’t have nothing to do,” said Smith.

In other words, if you're stuck at home, might as well have some fun.

Smith comparing this years business to years past, "it certainly has started off faster than normal due to what has happened. Whether we can sustain that, not real sure.”

But for now they're enjoying something they never could has predicted.

Pride Pools and Spas does sell other products but they say far and away their best sellers right now are in ground and above ground pools and hot tubs.

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