Statesboro rally a step in the right direction for some

Statesboro rally a step in the right direction for some

STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) - A protest rally in Statesboro Sunday has many speaking out against the death of George Floyd and wanting more discussion of racial issues here and nationwide.

Organizers and police both say a protest rally in Statesboro took the right tone for this community.

Hundreds gathered on the courthouse square as people talked about the death of George Floyd, but also others killed before him. City councilwoman Paulette Chavers and others organized the rally for people to be heard.

“Everybody stood for unity. We stood for one cause. Police were there. Local preachers from the community were there,” said Chavers.

She and others were glad to see the assembly not copy the violence and destruction that’s happened in other bigger cities.

“You can easily fall into that rabbit hole of committing the kind of violent acts that you’re attempting to protest,” said Mayor Jonathan McCollar.

Statesboro Police Chief Mike Broadhead attended and listened to people talk about problems in bigger cities but commend the relationships local police foster with people through the city. The chief says he doesn't see wholesale changes for his officers, just being even more mindful how one bad situation can set back those bonds.

“From our perspective, it’s about keeping everyone on the same page and not allowing one person to tarnish everyone else’s reputation,” said Chief Broadhead.

They hope the discussions here Sunday prompt progress, at least for this community.

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