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Family's loving, outrageous obituary for dad grabs national attention

William Freddie McCullough William Freddie McCullough
Mark McCullough Mark McCullough
Shain McCullough Shain McCullough

You may not have known Bloomingdale's William Freddie McCullough, but after reading one exceptionally imaginative obituary, you feel like you did. It's helping millions get to know someone his family describes as "the man,  the myth, the legend".

The tongue-in-cheek, but real, obit has gone viral since it was published Saturday. The tribute is full of colorful descriptions and characters of McCullough's life adventures and loves, likes and dislikes.

WTOC spoke to the writer of the obit. McCullough's son told the real story of the man who died "saving adorable orphans from a burning building, but probably didn't". 

"We sat around, all the brothers and sisters, and we started telling these great stories about Dad after the funeral," Mark McCullough told WTOC. 

That is where it all began.

"When Dad passed away, we wanted everyone to know who he was," said son Shain McCullough. "After reading all the obituaries in the paper - they are all cookie-cutter." 

McCullough's sons said Dad was anything but cookie-cutter.

"No, no. He wasn't cookie-cutter. He was different from most dads, but that is what made him so great," Shain McCullough said.

Soon, not only would the Coastal Empire know Bloomingdale's ladies' man and legend that was McCullough, so would most of the country, too.

Mark and Shain McCullough and their four siblings gathered at the home their father started building 40 years ago and traded stories.

"We'd cookout. He liked meat with a side of meat. He wasn't much for vegetables," Shain McCullough said.

And they shared more stories. Mark McCullough put pen to paper, and the rest is now history. Dad's tribute was born.

"We didn't want to do what most people do. We focused on the life he lived, the fun and adventure and who he was as a man," he said.

"I loved it," Shain McCullough said of the finished obituary. 

It describes not only the life he lived, but the one's he loved. From "Crazy Pam" to "Sweet Melissa" who wasn't too sweet, to Wanda. Her name was self-explanatory, according to the obit. 

"Those are real people," Mark McCullough said. "We all heard the stories from Dad about his life and his adventures and his ex-girlfriends, so we we're all very aware of the stories."

The obit is getting all kinds of attention. Facebook,, the Huffington Post and morning radio shows are all buzzing about Bloomingdale's McCullough.

"I am really glad people are appreciating Dad's life and passing around his obituary and he's probably getting a big kick out of it," Mark McCullough said.

"Hopefully, he is looking down laughing, getting a good laugh from this," Shain told WTOC.

And Wanda?  

"I don't know about her, but maybe her too! Yeah," he laughed.

To the few who think this can't be real, McCullough's family and friends say, think again. 

"I think it's hilarious he lived such a crazy life people might think it might be a hoax, but it's not, obviously," Mark McCullough said.

Mark McCullough used his father in a few of his films for his movie company, Fort Argyle Films, and based one his movies on his father's stories a few years ago, called "Double Wide Blues."

McCullough passed away on Sept. 11, 2013.

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