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Family FInance: Items you should never put on a credit card

Credit cards can be great in the case of emergency, but when used the wrong way, paying with plastic can be dangerous.

According to CBS MoneyWatch, there are five things you should never put on a credit card.

First, don't put yourself in debt trying to pay for an extravagant wedding.

Richard Reeve, an education coordinator at the Consumer Credit Counseling Service in Savannah, gave WTOC some insight.

"I think it's a really bad idea to start a marriage off with a ton of credit card debt so putting your entire wedding on a credit card is a terrible idea," he said.

In a similar sense, if you want to take a nice vacation, start saving now.

"I think with some saving and planning ahead of time, you can just avoid putting it all on a credit card," Reeve suggested.

Next, taxes. Reeve said the IRS can be surprisingly flexible if you can't pay right away.

"The IRS will work with you, and the interest rates and fees aren't usually very high, and they'll work with you on payment plans."

Lastly, don't charge medical bills. If you're uninsured Reeve suggests being upfront with your healthcare provider from the very beginning.

"Get in touch with them about your options. If they have any hardship plans, if they'll forgive some of the amount or work with you on a payment plan."

To seek help from a local credit counseling service, click here.

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