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Parents complain of moldy, expired school lunch food at Wayne County Head Start


Some parents in Wayne County are furious after learning their kids have been served moldy and expired food at school.

According to parents and an employee at Wayne County Head Start in Jesup, this situation has been going on for weeks. Even more troubling is this is happening at a Head Start school.

The Head Start program is designed for low-income children, and some are concerned these are the only meals some of these students are getting each day.

One parent spoke with WTOC, and also sent photos of the moldy french fries, old coleslaw, and other food she said is given to her 4-year-old.

"He comes home and he's constantly hungry. Granted, boys are typically always hungry, but he is starving. And his weight, he's not gaining anything. He is actually not gaining anything at all, and I'm worried,” said Mattie Genaux, parent.

WTOC also received a Facebook message from one parent who claims her child was hospitalized after constant vomiting from eating the food at Wayne County Head Start.

A school employee sent WTOC an email Monday night, she said she's seen moldy and expired food at the school firsthand.

According to her, the school's director told employees the issue was being reported, but the employee claims human resources has no record of any complaints.

You may be thinking, why not just pack your child's lunch? One parent said she asked, only to be told by the school's director that she couldn't.

"I asked her, 'Hey, can I bring him lunch? Can I bring him his snacks?' And it is actually against their school policy. Their policy is that no food is allowed to be brought from outside the facility, even though all the food is, because nothing is cooked on site,” said Genaux.

Parents are hoping this whole thing gets resolved as early as Tuesday. That's when the school has called a meeting with parents to discuss the food issue.  

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