Everyday Heroes: Kids Being Kids Program

Everyday Heroes: Kids Being Kids Program

DARIEN, Ga. (WTOC) - McIntosh County Sheriff’s Office works every day to find new ways to get to know the community also known as community policing.

Wednesday was the first day of a youth-focused initiative called Kids Being Kids.

Now that it’s summer, kids are going to have more time to go outside and play. McIntosh County Sheriff’s Office wants to reward those kids for just being kids.

“Setting up lemonade stands, riding their bicycle, shooting a basketball, helping the elderly out.”

Simple acts that Sgt. Major Jeremiah Jarrell wants to recognize kids for with a sweet treat.

The new effort has been in the works for months, but with recent events, some kids might view law enforcement in a negative light and Jarrell wants to change that.

“We’re all human and we reach out to them at that age, that way, maybe they realize at that young of an age, they will grow up knowing it’s not what it’s portrayed to be.”

Jarrell and other deputies are handing out free ice cream vouchers to kids, while out on patrol.

Kids can then stop into Turnip Greens in Darien for their yummy reward.

The store’s co-owner says it’s nice to see the Sheriff’s office reach out to the younger generation and they’re happy to be part of the effort.

“I think the effort of our police department and business owners trying to get out and be more supportive to the local youth in the area to show them there’s more of a positive side,” said Turnip Greens co-owner William Marcie.

Jarrell says creating positive relationships with the community, young or old, is one of the most important parts of being in law enforcement.

"It goes on for years."

Wednesday was the first day of the Kids Being Kids program, and Jarrell already handed out six vouchers. He plans to continue the program as long as it’s needed.

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